Re: Couple of bugs

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Richard,

Also, text boxes don't resize when the page width is reduced, though images do.

Here's an example: When I resize the page, the logo changes size but the text box remains fixed width. Is this a setting I have to change?
I think you’ve answered this question in your follow-up email: the text box (“article1”) on your page is fixed width because you’ve given it a fixed width of 650 px.

You can test whether a page is flexible from within Xway: if you make the Layout view wider or narrower (by dragging the divider between the Site panel and Layout view, or between the Inspector panel and Layout view), Xway will redraw the page to fit within that size.

However it doesn't resize automatically on my iPhone. How does one set it to automatically resize on a smartphone screen?
Can you provide an example link? Pages and boxes should automatically resize on any device if they are flexible (no fixed widths).


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