Re: Couple of bugs

Jeremy Hughes

On 18 Dec 2019, at 18:59, Jeremy Hughes <> wrote:

MacOS interface issue: doesn't show dot in red circle when unsaved, just "edited" in title bar.
Xway doesn’t do anything special to hide or show this dot: it’s really under the control of macOS. On my system (I’m currently running Mojave) Xway behaves identically to Apple applications such as Pages, and follows the behaviour that Simon described: there is a dot if a document is edited and “Ask to keep changes when closing documents” is turned on in General System Preferences, but there isn’t a dot if the document hasn’t been changed (since it was last saved) or “Ask to keep changes” is turned off.
The “Ask to save changes” preference is also slightly confusing because it depends on whether you are editing a new document or an existing document:

1. If you are editing a new document, macOS always asks if you want to “keep this new document” regardless of whether you have “Ask to save changes” turned on or off.

2. If you are editing an existing document, macOS asks if you want to “save the changes” if you have “Ask to save changes” turned on, but saves them automatically if you have “Ask to save changes” turned off.

There don’t seem to be any differences (on my system) between Xway’s behaviour and the behaviour of Apple applications (e.g. TextEdit and Pages), however this preference is set.

Personally, I prefer to have “Ask to save changes” turned on.


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