Re: Couple of bugs

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the feedback!

1. Select the “Soft” in “Softpress” (as you would in any text editor). Xway now displays two additional Inspectors: the first is the Link Inspector (which we’ll ignore for now) and the second is the Span Inspector. The Span Inspector allows you to change the style of inline text runs (spans). Choose Bolder from the Weight popup, sdo that “Soft” is displayed in a bolder font weight. Then select “press” in “Softpress” and choose Lighter from the Weight popup. This creates a branding effect that matches our “Softpress” logo.

"press" isn't lighter in Xway though it is in a browser
It is lighter for me (in Xway and in browsers) - but this might depend on various factors including what fonts you are using. Xway asks the Cocoa font manager for a lighter weight, and it’s up to the Cocoa font manager to provide a lighter weight if one is available. It’s possible that different browsers will display slightly different weights - there isn’t an agreed mapping between CSS font weights and Apple font weights.

Generally, where font weights are concerned, you can normally assume that bold and regular fonts are available, but finer distinctions might not be available for all fonts.

Can't copy text styles from one box to another. The copied style appears briefly, then unstyled shows up.

Can't simply cut and paste a page element.
This is functionality that we haven’t implemented yet. The Xway User Guide (page 27) says:

"Xway currently has limited support for copying and pasting, but you can paste text into boxes. Pasted text is imported as plain text."

MacOS interface issue: doesn't show dot in red circle when unsaved, just "edited" in title bar.
Xway doesn’t do anything special to hide or show this dot: it’s really under the control of macOS. On my system (I’m currently running Mojave) Xway behaves identically to Apple applications such as Pages, and follows the behaviour that Simon described: there is a dot if a document is edited and “Ask to keep changes when closing documents” is turned on in General System Preferences, but there isn’t a dot if the document hasn’t been changed (since it was last saved) or “Ask to keep changes” is turned off.


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