Re: Inserting photos


Hi Jeremy,

Will the resizing of photos/images in Xway be implemented in a future version or will all graphics have to be the size they are to appear in the browser?

Just trying to clarify this, on the site that I look after I have 22 pages of product images (1,640) that are all scaled to size in Freeway, this also keeps them all together in one place. These pages don't appear in the final site but are used to resize the images to fit in the space on the product pages.

As Geoff says having to have all images the correct size does seem a backward step, Freeway was very flexible in the way it treated images.

Having said that, from what I have seen so far Xway is very usable and has one of the best features of Freeway in that you can see the whole structure of your site in the site panel. This makes organising a site so much easier.

I look forward to the next beta...


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