Re: Inspector Show/Hide labels

Jeremy Hughes

[Apologies for moderation mistake. I tried to split William's "reopen site" question into a separate topic and ended up splitting Keith's message (below)]

Hi Jeremy – no, I generally stick with Apple's defaults where possible so my setup is more like those people I teach or help out. Scrollbars are set to automatic. 

I found that I frequently triggered the scrollbars as I targeted the Show/Hide controls, which hid the right half of them. I had to basically take my fingers off my trackpad for a second for them to disappear. If I don't wait I can still trigger those, but I have to be that much more precise with my cursor. It also looks a little like a bug when they are partially obscured. :(

Moving them slightly to the left would definitely help. And if it's not a HIG violation and y'all agree, I would definitely like to see that whole 'top bar' area for each pane be the clickable trigger.




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