Busting those caches

Paul Dunning

With CSS and JavaScript being changed when XWay rebuilds a site (especially when changes are made), you may find that even if you upload the files to the server, when you view the site the old files may still be cached. It may be that they are cached locally, OR (and this is pretty much the norm now), the ISP will cache them, and that cache may not refresh for a while.

You get this with Freeway too. I have an Action that adds ?v=<number> to those script and style URLs it can find - with <number> being changed when the user requires it. This effectively busts the caches, but only once - until the number changes.

I notice that other apps do similar - Hype is one I use and it does this kind of thing. I’d like top suggest that XWay does this when CSS or Script files change.

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Paul Dunning

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