Re: Xweb first thoughts

Simon Manning

On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 9:49 AM Jeremy Hughes <jeremy@...> wrote:
Hi Rick,

> If a separate window were opened for the text, rather than an NSPanel, would that still be modal?

No. Modal just means that you’re locked into a particular view.

Expanding on this, a window is not necessarily modal but an issue with a non-modal window for something that is part of a document, is that it can become non-obvious which document such a window is associated with.

A user might have a window with multiple document tabs open and/or multiple document windows open. This can introduce the confusion that if a code editor window is opened and then the document tab/window is switched, bringing the code editor to the front might have a different document behind it.

Off the top of my head, this raises some questions that would need to be considered such as:
Should it commit changes when it loses focus?
Should it always bring the corresponding document to the front (behind it) when it gains focus?
Should it be a contextual panel that's always in front and displays content based on selection? (Press cmd+alt+i in Finder to get an idea of what I mean)
Should it be something else?

In general, my preference is for anything that is part of a document to be a part of that document's window or closely attached to it. i.e. A part of the document window, a modal sheet if modal is warranted or a popover such as with the Extended Properties + popover.

I suspect what Tim was alluding to (please do correct me if I'm speaking for you erroneously) with opening "a file in an external editor" is to be able to open the markup in one's preferred editor, probably with syntax highlighting and other useful features, then save and Xway would update the markup. This is quite a handy approach that I've seen in similar contexts.


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