Re: Photo galleries + display text

Jeremy Hughes

You don't need to keep changing the position property,...
Well you do if you can't get to the text unless you know about the procedure above.


It's not a difficult procedure:

1. Command-Return does the same as Return in Freeway. (We wanted to keep Return for adding returns - new paragraphs - after a box.) So: same as Freeway but add Command.

2. Tab switches out of the Site panel. Tab is normal for switching between views (e.g. text fields).

(In your document you can also click directly on the text box, because it's actually in front of the image.)

What we decided with Xway is that it should be possible to use arrow keys within the Site panel. You can't do this in Freeway because the Site panel is always inactive (it never responds to key presses). Because Xway allows you to do this, we provided Tab as a keyboard shortcut for switching out of the Site panel. You can also click back in the Layout view, although this will change your selection if you click on a different item (we're considering whether it should do this or whether a first click should simply switch back to the Layout view).


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