Re: Photo galleries + display text

Tim Plumb

Thanks Jeremy.

How would you do it in Freeway?
I suspect it could be almost as hard to do in Freeway. The lack of user defined styles and my inability to select that text overlay item when I wanted to just made it a bit of a pain. If I were to do this in Freeway I think I'd set ups class style for each of the elements and apply those to the elements as I needed to style them.

You can select items in the Site panel!
You can but selecting the text in a div that you can't click on in the design view is almost impossible. In Freeway you could select the item in the site panel and hit return or enter to drop into that box. from there you could select the text. We don't have that in Xway at the moment as hitting return or enter simply tries to edit the item name in the site panel.

Rather than adding the positioning style as an extended item I tried changing the position property using the inspector. Unfortunately every time I changed the item from relative to absolute it would add a top:0 and left:0 style which prevented the vertical alignment code from working. If I stripped these values out they would come back each time I switched the positioning back again.

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