Re: Photo galleries + display text

Jeremy Hughes

You can select items in the Site panel!
In addition to using the Site panel, there are other ways to switch between items in the layout that I suggested:

1. Use arrow keys: if you have an absolute item that follows a relative-positioned item, left-arrowing twice will take you from the absolute item to the relative item. Arrow keys take you through content in the same way that they would in any other text editor. Child boxes are content, in exactly the same way that text is content.

2. Use Select Next Sibling/Previous Sibling/Parent/First Child:

The structure in this case is:

div: item1
img: [imagename]
div: item2
[Some text]

You can see this by selecting Show Site from the View menu (which is where I copied it from). Here, if you’ve selected item2 (the absolute-positioned item), Select Previous Sibling will select the paragraph that contains the image and Select First Child will select the image that is inside that paragraph.

There are keyboard shortcuts (Command arrow key) for this.

[Show Site a temporary feature, because we’re planning to make this information available in the Site panel in future. This will also allow you to select paragraphs, links, etc. by clicking on them in the Site panel]


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