Re: Unable to copy and paste structural elements

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Richard,

One question: how would you like us to report bugs so we can help you?
The best way to report bugs is to provide a numbered series of steps in the following format:

1. Do this
2. Do that
3. >> Something unexpected happens

[We use >> to indicate something that happens as opposed to something that is done.]

This might be followed or preceded by a general explanation of what you expect to happen vs. what actually happens.

The important thing is to have a series of steps that will reproduce the bug. It’s difficult for us to fix bugs that we can’t reproduce.

There can be any number of steps, but shorter steps are better (wherever possible). It’s always good to ask whether a particular step is necessary.

If you report bugs (with steps) here on Xway Talk, we will log them and attempt to fix them in the next beta.


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