Re: Photo galleries + display text

Jeremy Hughes

I was looking to place two blocks of scaleable text (hopefully one with a link to the next page (as Freeway could to with ‘map area’). Useful to know about Google fonts, but I haven’t found a way of placing the box of text on top of the graphics in a way that is scales with the graphic.
In addition to Walter's suggestion (use a background image), you could have a container box that contains a graphic and a second container box that sits on top of it:

1. Insert box (item1)
2. Place a text cursor within item1
3. Insert graphic
4. Insert box (item2)
5. Type some text in item2 and give it a link
6. Centre-align the text
7. Centre the graphic (select it, then right-arrow, then choose centre alignment)
8. Select item2 and set its position to be Absolute
9. Set the width of item2 to be 100%


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