Re: Photo galleries + display text

David Ledger

On 11/12/19 3:12 PM, Jeremy Hughes wrote:
Hi David,
If you want a non-harvestable list of phone numbers, graphic text
does it easily
Non-harvestable by robots, but harvestable by humans. (Human labour is cheap in some countries.)
This also prevents users from copying and pasting, and screen readers from reading to visually impaired users.
Maybe it would be better to require password access for this kind information?
The people who have those numbers are happy with the way it is (Freeway graphic text). Reading and entering into a land-line phone would be the major use. For the numbers I have already I have the Freeway generated images that I can use, so as long as changes come along slowly it will be manageable. Just an unfortunate omission. I think I've seen a library for creating a graphic from text somewhere. I'll look for that.


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