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Paul Dunning

Affinity designer does this too - but you can edit any of the instances and the changes are repeated throughout all the instances in the file. There is a way to turn this off, so only the instance you are working on gets the change. Turn the instance syncing on, and all edited will cascade again, APART from those custom ones on the solo-edited item.

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On 11 Nov 2019, at 22:32, Walter Lee Davis <waltd@...> wrote:

I think that one way you could work this principle into Xway is to consider the notion of "master objects". Illustrator calls them Symbols, I think. Sketch has another word for them. But the idea is: you draw an item, modify it to your desired look and feel, and then designate it as a master item that can be duplicated over and over. If you go back to the original instance and make some adjustments, they propagate across all of the derived instances.

So that's the interface for this, from the WYSIWYG side. At an HTML/CSS implementation level, I would happily code that using classnames, and expose that "class style" as a set of attributes that could be modified in one place. If you wanted to add another of these styled items to a page, I could see a palette similar to the Styles palette, with an ad-hoc list of named master elements. Drag a "sidebar1" onto the page, modify the content, and Bob's your uncle.


On Nov 11, 2019, at 1:15 PM, Jeremy Hughes <jeremy@...> wrote:

One thing that occurred to me over the weekend while I was contemplating all of this was the Name/ID field in the Inspector. At the moment I think I'm correct in saying that the application assumes the item will have an ID.

Not always - markup items don’t have an ID, for example.

(It’s just markup, and Xway doesn’t wrap it in anything that an ID could be assigned to.)

But generally, yes.


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