Re: Will Xway support user defined styles?

Jim Feeney

On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 04:10 AM, Tim Plumb wrote:
I totally appreciate that most users tended to style their elements in an ad-hoc fashion and that is fine although, as you say, unless they get the styling exactly correct each time you'd end up with dozens of styles that all were pretty much identical. I've seen Freeway stylesheets that are huge and bloated with hundreds of class styles that were (I suspect) only used once.
So true! My early ad-hoc styling in Freeway Express ended in my having one of those bloated stylesheets with, as I recall, about 600-700 styles. That bogged down the speed of Freeway to a snail's pace. When I moved to Fwy Pro and learned to create a custom stylesheet, I got that down to about two dozen styles, which work perfectly for my website's ~470 pages. And once more, the speed of working within the Freeway software is fast.

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