Re: Xway b1 - idea: CSS blank canvas or CSS paint by numbers

Tim Plumb

I agree the image captions in that file aren't perfect. You shouldn't consider it an example or best practice but more of a playground that we can all poke about a bit and try and figure out the best ways to do things. If nothing else it provides a good starting point for discussions.

<figure> elements would be great to see in Xweb as they would do away with a lot of that styling and jQuery in that page.

I did think about keeping the peacock at max-width:50% (as is the default) but ended up adjusting this as well as the CSS styles for the caption wrapper to keep the image at half size. In retrospect I think you are right and I should have kept the design view inline with the output and adjusted the CSS to suit. I'll update that when I text revise the template.

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