Re: Will Xway support user defined styles?

Tim Plumb

On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 04:36 AM, Jeremy Hughes wrote:
I don’t actually know how to apply padding or border within a Freeway style. Sure, you could use Extended to do this, but then you wouldn’t see the padding or border in Freeway’s Layout view. Is that what you were doing or is there another way of doing this?
Oh most of what I did in Freeway ended up in the Extended dialog. That feature alone kept Freeway relevant for me for many years. :-)

Freeway has very limited support for applying styles to items. Here’s something you could try:

1. Draw a box in Freeway and give it a yellow background
2. Type some text within it
3. Create a style (.style1) and give it a cyan background
4. Apply this style to the box that you drew
5. Preview in a browser
6. >> What do you expect to see in the browser? What do you see in Freeway? Are they at all similar?
Reading down this list I had in my mind's eye that the box would become cyan (as it does). The fact that Freeway sets the text background to cyan was always something I'd ignored as I'd imagine that these styles were originally intended to be applied at a text level rather than a box level and that the rendering engine never really got updated to deal with that scenario. There were a few usability rough edges to Freeway that, after a while, you'd just learn to ignore as you know the final code output would be fine.

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