Re: Will Xway support user defined styles?

Jeremy Hughes

I think this is a shame as I tended to use Freeway by setting up a core set of styles and editing them as I built a site. Applying one of those styles to an item is a lot easier than trying to remember what all of the elements are that go to make up a style (padding, colour, border etc).
If you managed to prevent Freeway from generating a huge number of temporary styles from your core set, then you’ve done better than I ever managed!

I don’t actually know how to apply padding or border within a Freeway style. Sure, you could use Extended to do this, but then you wouldn’t see the padding or border in Freeway’s Layout view. Is that what you were doing or is there another way of doing this?

Freeway has very limited support for applying styles to items. Here’s something you could try:

1. Draw a box in Freeway and give it a yellow background
2. Type some text within it
3. Create a style (.style1) and give it a cyan background
4. Apply this style to the box that you drew
5. Preview in a browser
6. >> What do you expect to see in the browser? What do you see in Freeway? Are they at all similar?

Or (slightly differently): how do you set a paragraph to be red? You could select the paragraph within Freeway and colour it red, but that doesn’t actually set a red style on the paragraph - what it does is create a red span within the paragraph. So then you create a “red” style using the Styles dialog and apply it to the paragraph - but this does exactly the same thing. If you actually want to style the paragraph you have to add some kind of dummy paragraph attribute (e.g. align left) so that you can force the style to be a paragraph style.

Within Xway, all you need to do is to choose Red in the Paragraph Inspector.

As I say default styles are a good start but they can't be used to quickly turn a link (for example) into a button (unless you want all of your links looking like buttons).
You can do anything you like using Extended Properties.

Xway is currently at version 0.1. There are lots of things that will be added in future versions, but we want to add stuff that works properly and doesn’t have the problems that Freeway suffered from.


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