Re: Xway b1 - idea: CSS blank canvas or CSS paint by numbers

Jeremy Hughes

I guess what I meant to say was 'Is Xway's design view a webkit or webkit hybrid?'. If you can throw any HTML or CSS at the application and have it render in the design view then we can do a lot more with the application in terms of using frameworks and other foreign code.
It’s not a webkit view, but we take it as a compliment that you thought it might be :)

Xway uses Cocoa views (and subclasses of Cocoa views) to draw in the Layout view. If you look at how borders (for example) are drawn in different browsers, you can see that Xway’s borders are not exactly the same as Safari borders, or Firefox borders, or Chrome borders. Dotted borders are a good example. CSS doesn’t specify *exactly* how dotted borders should be drawn. In this case we compared different browsers and wrote code that reflected what we thought was the best implementation.

[To see how browsers differ, preview a box that has a fairly wide dotted border and uses different colours (or border widths) for each border edge.]


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