Re: Will Xway support user defined styles?

Jeremy Hughes

Will Xway support user defined CSS styles?
I think you’re talking about user-defined class styles.

Freeway’s style system is essentially a DTP system that is converted into CSS via class styles. Most of the Freeway documents (from users) that I saw contained a small number of permanent styles and a huge number of temporary styles. In cases where users (including me) tried to use a disciplined system of permanent styles (user-defined class styles), Freeway would automatically generate additional temporary styles that were based on these permanent styles.

Xway tries to get away from this confusion. It lets people style text directly (if they want to), but it also encourages them to use default styles wherever possible. When text is styled directly, Xway generates an efficient set of class styles at publish time.

In future we might add support for named class styles. It’s something we’ve thought about, but it’s not something that we’re currently working on.

At the moment the application builds and names styles either based on page elements (div, em, p, etc) or as they are needed (#footer, #footer p, .style5, .style6, etc).
There are really three categories here:

1. Default styles: div, em, p, #footer p, #item1 p
2. ID styles: #footer, #item1 (styles that are applied to boxes)
3. Class styles: .style1, style2 etc. (styles that are applied to text)


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