Xway b1 - idea: CSS blank canvas or CSS paint by numbers

Tim Plumb

Xway strikes me as a lot like drag and drop 'Bootstrap builders' (Blocs, Mobrise, Pingendo etc) but without the framework support behind it. Using these tools to build pages is very easy but the user has to rely on the framework (Bootstrap, Foundation etc) completely. Adding 5 columns in Bootstrap, for example, has until recently been a hack. Also if you don't subscribe to the framework's way of working then you'll find yourself battling against these rules in your site (predefined breakpoints for example).
Xway, on the other hand, leaves ALL of the choices to the user and offers most of the finite control for defining how the page elements adapt when pages are scaled. This is both good and bad in that those options can become daunting to new users.

I think there is an opportunity in the middle ground.
I would suggest heading in a direction where users can either choose a framework to base their website on (Bootstrap, Foundation etc), choose to start with one of these and add their own custom overrides as they edit their way through the site or create and use their own CSS components. Rather than making users define these elements again and again (images with captions, block quotes, buttons etc) they could be used again and again.

All of this assumes Xway can read and render non-Xway generated CSS. Jeremy, is Xway's design view still an interpretation of the final page code (as Freeway's was)?

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