Will Xway support user defined styles?

Tim Plumb

Apologies if I've missed this in either of the PDF documents.

Will Xway support user defined CSS styles?

At the moment the application builds and names styles either based on page elements (div, em, p, etc) or as they are needed (#footer, #footer p, .style5, .style6, etc).

Styling html elements is a great start and allows us to quickly build a page that looks uniform and well structured but lacks the power to create unique design elements that can be used again and again. If I wanted too create a 'call to action' panel in Freeway (for example) I can create a style that can then be applied to divs throughout the site. These panels all take their look and feel from those CSS styles. To do the same in Xway I'd need to either style each of these elements manually, copy and paste a standard one and change the content or add my own CSS styles as extended attributes and markup items. All of these workflows have their issues.

At the moment Xway's CSS creation reminds me more of Freeway Express than Freeway Pro where styles are automatically built as they are needed and typically not exposed to the user.

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