Re: Xway b1 - UI: Site panel selection issues

Jeremy Hughes

It’s also the same in Freeway.
Now that's no excuse! ;-)
The basic principle is that we don’t want to introduce unnecessary complications. Later on, if we have time to spare, we can revisit some of these decisions - but it’s the same with all software. The Finder (in Mojave at least) doesn’t allow you to select items in two different windows and display information on both (simultaneously).

Freeway is generally far more restrictive than Xway. Try to select two inflow boxes - on the same level and within the same parent - in Freeway (you can’t). Or try to edit two boxes in Freeway’s Inspector palette (you can’t).

I think if we could either have item styles or a way to select all items that share a common style then it would make updating them all so much easier. Maybe an option to select or change the properties of all items that are exactly the same.

Other items within the site are identical to this item. Would you like to update those items as well?
Yes (I can now undo) or No (I'm too scared)
That’s an interesting idea, but I think that many of these cases would be better served by having master pages (as in Freeway). We will be supporting master pages in future, and it’s possible that we could also support other types of master items - but there is a lot of complexity that has to be dealt with (as I know from having implemented master content for inflow items in Freeway) and we want to get it right.


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