Fretspace 1.3 is here!

Jeremy Hughes

We have just released Fretspace 1.3.

New in this version:

  1. The General section of the Preferences dialog contains a Left-Handed preference. When this is selected, Fretspace displays left-handed shapes (strings are reversed). 
  2. Boxes can be exported in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format.
  3. Charts can be exported in PDF format via an Export Chart... command.
  4. The Box section of the Inspector panel displays a Select Notes checkbox for scale/ arpeggio shapes. When this is selected, Fretspace displays a set of Notes buttons which allows you to select notes from within the scale. If you also choose Color Selected Notes in the Chart section of the Inspector panel, these notes will be colored red. This allows you to color notes other than the root note (e.g. flattened notes in Blues scales). 
  5. If you hold down the Shift key when choosing Shift Dots Left or Shift Dots Right (or clicking on the equivalent toolbar items) Fretspace will adjust the fret position so that the shape isn’t transposed to a different root. 
  6. Native support for M1 processors.
See the New Features appendix of the Fretspace User Guide (available from the Help menu) for more information, including cross-references to documentation.

This is a free update. If you bought Fretspace from the App Store, you can update from the App Store application. If you bought from us, you can download the latest version by clicking on the Try button on the Fretspace page of our website.


(Corrected version number: 1.3 not 1.0.3)