Spread out scale over 10 frets


Hi Jeremy,
Brilliant, brilliant project! Thank you so much for making this.
I just switched to 4ths tuning, and am re-learning all my scales etc...
So, what I'm trying to do is spread the scales out over 10 frets with the root in the middle of the E string.
This lets me see the shapes on the neck in a way that's pretty useful for me.
So, here's me trying this on one of my fave scales, the C Lydian Dominant:
Maybe I'm doing something wrong or missing a setting, but it re-spells the whole thing as an arpeggio each time I add a note, and I can't switch it back to C Lydian Dom.
So I guess my Q is: is there a way to freeze the spelling so that when I add dots it doesn't try to interpret, and every D is just 2, E is 3, etc...?

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