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Simon Manning

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback, I've logged suggestions for 1, 3, 4 and 5.

For 2, the border width and colour can be changed and in the case of Bloxx, thumbnails with titles can be made to look somewhat polaroidy - presumably for the polaroid example, you want uniform shapes regardless of the aspect ratio of the image contained within the 'polaroid', is that right?

If your images allow for it, an option available in the current version would be to crop all images to the same aspect ratio - one that gets the polaroid shape you desire. In the images view, if you hover over the first image you'll see buttons appear underneath for various transformations including manually cropping and cropping to preset ratios, e.g. square. Once you have the desired ratio on the first thumbnail, open the preset menu and choose apply to others at the bottom.

Ensure your images have titles in the metadata view and then customize the theme. Under thumbnails, the border size, colour and corner radius can be changed.

What other kind of style changes do you have in mind? Are there examples you can point to?


For 3 and 4, moving the thumbnails to the top and turning off the arrows/dots can currently be achieved by editing the export. Moving the thumbnails to the left/right is more complex and not currently supported.

For 3, moving the thumbnails to the top, this can be done by moving a section of the exported code from after another section to before it. Specifically, in the exported HTML you will find '<div class="xb-showtime_slidereel">' and then further down '</div>' immediately before '<script>'.

Select full lines from that first div line to the last /div line, inclusive and without the script line, then cut. Next find '<div class="xb-showtime_slideshow">' above that, place the cursor at the start of that line and paste.


For 4, again look at the exported HTML and you will find the following:
window.xb_impress(document.scripts[document.scripts.length-1], {

After the { and before }, paste the following to remove the arrows and the dots:
arrows: false, dots: false

If there is already something between the parenthesis in your export, you will need to ensure there is a comma between what was already there and that text.


Note that for both of the after-export changes, this would need to be done after each export.


On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 11:10 AM <david@...> wrote:

Having just discovered Exhibeo I'm happy with what it produces in terms of galleries but would love it to do more an be more flexible;

Some ideas;

1) Lightbox options, I'd like to have some styling options such as modal/popup windows rather than just full screen

2) In grid galleries allow images to have borders and or styles applied like polaroid borders

3) In Showtime have options to place thumbnails in different locations (above, left, right) and adjustment of gap between main image and thumbnails

4) In Impress ability to turn off navigation arrows and dots

5) Would like to accordion style slideshow

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