Migrating to Discourse

Simon Manning

Hi All,
You might see this multiple times if you subscribe to multiple lists but they all say the same, you can safely ignore the duplicates.
Next week we will be migrating our community mailing lists into Discourse. That is all the lists on FreewayTalk and Groups io.
You can find more information about this here:
At this time posting is disabled in the imported categories to avoid splitting discussions, however you can sign up for an account and reply to the above topic or create new topics in the Site Feedback category if you have any comments on the migration or Discourse in general.
If you have made posts on the existing mailing lists, please read the Existing Posts and Profile sections of the topic linked above before signing up.
Shortly before starting the final steps of the migration, which we expect to be early afternoon on Tuesday UK time, we will send another notice to say this is happening. After this second notice we will close the existing FreewayTalk and Groups io lists, bring Discourse up to date with the latest posts and then open the imported categories to posting.
All of our links to the mailing lists, including those accessed via the Help menu in our apps, will be updated on our website to point at Discourse.

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