Xway Integration

Ralph Bergman

I used to use Showcase with Freeway to create slideshows on my website http://ralphbergmanphotography.ca/landscape.html

I’m now trying Exhibio (the Bloxx Theme) with Xway. Is there any way to control the number of thumbnails or the spacing between thumbnails that appear when Exhibio is imported into Xway? When I click the web preview button I see one thing, then when I go to Preview via the file menu, I see something else on the browser, similar but more images stretched across the page. I have tried changing the dimensions of the component but nothing seems to change. Showcase on Freeway seemed to have much more precision and control than Exhibio on Xway at least so far. I’m trying to replicate as much as possible what I achieved with Showcase on Freeway. 

I like the slideshow action in the browser of the Thumblie theme but I prefer the thumbnail grid arrangement of the Bloxx theme. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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