Using the Showtime theme

Geoff Mullett

I’ve found that Exhibeo works well with Freeway, but having tried to move a couple of galleries to a simple Xway site, the results are unpredictable when using the ‘Showtime’ theme, particularly if thumbnails are included. was my starting point. The page displays satisfactorily at full-screen, but reducing the screen size, or viewing on an iPhone results in the captions and navigation arrows becoming detached from the images and the thumbnails partially vanishing behind the bottom box in landscape view, and completely in portrait. This still occurs if I delete the bottom ‘privacy & cookies’ box.

Two other test pages, one with and one without thumbnails, give different results.

The Exhibeo help section is somewhat rudimentary when it comes to setting sizes and spacing, so I’m not sure if it’s actually an Exhibeo problem, or some of my settings in Xway. Any thoughts?

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