Re: Thumblie Exhibeo Gallery - no images on click

Simon Manning

Hi Jack,

This is happening because a conflicting version of jQuery is being loaded on the page, so the version that the gallery relies on is not being loaded. There is a piece of jQuery on the page which looks like it's meant to do something when a button is pressed, but it doesn't obviously seem like this is actually being used.

If it's not being used, you should be able to simply remove the reference to jQuery 3.3.1 from the page and the gallery will start working. If it's driven by a template and that code is used on a different page however, it might be more complicated to deal with.


On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 4:58 PM <jacksomersetscott@...> wrote:


I’ve implemented a Thumblie gallery into a recent website.

For some reason, upon clicking the thumbnail for any image, the usual overlay with controls and large image that should display do not appear. Only the ‘X’ in the top left, and a white square.

Could anyone explain why this is happening? Thanks,


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