Exhibeo with SSL/HTTPS (from FW)


I've been waiting for XWay to have Exhibeo support, prior to moving my site across to XWay and now that it's here, I'm about to start...  however...

A few days ago I switched my site across to HTTPS.  In FW I changed the markup for some of my image galleries which use Juicebox to HTTPS and that worked perfectly and simply.  I use the Exhibeo Action for some other image galleries and these have stopped working.  Pages are blank.  I can't find anywhere that I would need to change anything in FW to get them working again except maybe the Upload settings which currently have my website name as just www. and not http://www.

Can anyone suggest what I could do to fix this?  I currently have both HTTP and HTTPS viewable via my webhost settings, but either way, the Exhibeo galleries don't show up.

Any help much appreciated.

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