Re: Using the Showtime theme

Geoff Mullett

Thanks for all the suggestions. The problems only occur when thumbnails are included, so I'll just remove those until Exhibeo is more compatible with Xway.

On Wed, 16 Dec 2020 at 17:07, Jeremy Hughes <jeremy@...> wrote:
Another comment: if you have content that follows the gallery (further down the page), it's best not to set an actual height - the problem I've found is that the subsequent content may be positioned after the actual height and be covered by the gallery (this happens whether you use Freeway or Xway). It's annoying that the component shrinks to zero height on Xway's page, but we will find a way to stop this from happening in a future version of Xway (either by setting a default content height or by figuring out the actual content height).

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