Re: Using the Showtime theme

Jeremy Hughes

I haven't looked at the JavaScript yet, but the simplest way to have this gallery work in the same way in Xway and Freeway is to remove the minimum height. That will cause it to shrink to zero height on the Xway page, but you can get around that by giving it an actual height (e.g. 100px) which somehow gets overridden - this is what happens if I insert the gallery on a Freeway page (the height is automatically set to 100px).

To me, it looks like this is some kind of bug in the gallery code. If you remove the 100px height in Freeway and set a 100px minimum height, the gallery that Freeway exports will behave in the way you say it behaves in Xway. If you remove the 100px minimum height in Xway and set a 100px height, the gallery that Xway exports will behave in same way as a Freeway-exported gallery where you don't change height and min height. My guess is that the JavaScript is doing something with the minimum height, and removing it in Xway (or not adding it in Freeway) prevents this from happening.


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